Adams revolver

Adams Revolver

The Adams revolver was a .456 five-shot percussion cap and ball revolver designed by Robert Adams manager for the London arms manufacturers George & John Deane. Production began in 1851.

It rivalled Samuel Colt's revolver's in Britain.

The revolver would be improved in 1856, with an upgraded version called the Beaumont-Adams Revolver made its debut.


On August 22, 1851, he was granted a British patent for a new revolver design.

The Dean and Adams revolver was shown at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and subsequently approved by the British Army's Small Arms Committee in addition to being adopted by the East India Company for use by their cavalry. Orders for the revolver were great enough to prompt the Deane brothers to make Adams a partner in their firm, which became Messrs. Deane, Adams, and Deane.

The Adams, along with Colt's single action revolver saw use in the Crimean war against Britain and Russia.


It was the first revolver with a solid frame. The revolver had a spurless hammer making it double action only, which caused some to claim it was less accurate than Colt's single action revolvers.

Although highly-regarded, the hand-crafted Adams revolver was more expensive than Colt's mas-produced guns. The Adams also did not have interchangleable parts, unlike the Colt Navy Model 1851. Furthermore, the Adams' nipples, upon which the percussion caps were set, were unhardened and sometimes burst upon firing.

The Beaumont- Adams was adopted by the British Army in 1855. It was a good, sturdy gun, but it was more expensive than Colt’s massively produced revolvers. The Adams M1851 also lacked a recoil shield behind the cylinder, leaving the shooter hand subject to powder burns

Improvements, including a hammer spur were introduced into the upgraded Adams revolver which became known as the Beaumont-Adams Revolver which production began in 1862.

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