De Lisle Commando Carbine
Country of origin

Great Britain


Ford Dagenham (Sterling Armaments Company)

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.45 ACP


Bolt Action

Overall length



8 lb 8.5 oz (3.74 kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

7 or 11-round detachable magazine

Cyclic rate

20-30 rounds/minute

Maximum effective range

200-400yd (185m-265m)

The De Lisle Carbine is a British suppressed carbine.


The De Lisle Carbine was a weapon used in World War II by the British special forces. It is known to be one of the quietest weapons ever made. Because of its exclusivity with the British special forces, only 129 were made. In spite of this, some were used in later conflicts.


The weapon is based on the Lee-Enfield rifle with a massive non-removable suppressor mounted on the front. The suppressor, 2 inches in diameter, went all the way from the back of the barrel to well beyond the muzzle (the suppressor makes up half the overall length of the rifle), providing a very large volume of space to contain the gases produced by firing. Because of how big the suppressor was, the weapon was amazingly quiet, and is one of the quietest weapons ever made, rivaled only by the Welrod. The weapon has a modified receiver and magazine well, and fires modified subsonic .45 ACP bullets. This magazine well held a modified magazine that came from a M1911 pistol.

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