Davis Industries was a firearms manufacturer notorious for producing faulty, small caliber pistols.


Started in 1982, it was owned by Jim Davis and his wife Gail. Gail Davis was the daughter of George Jennings of Raven Arms. Jim Davis was the former office manager at Raven Arms. Jim's brother John Davis (also from Raven Arms) moved to Davis Industries with him (prior to starting his own company Sedco). Davis Industries was one of the most prolific producers of inexpensive pocket pistols in the USA from 1982 through 1998.

Davis Industries is known as one of the "Ring Of Fire" companies which basically branched out from Raven Arms after the 1968 gun control act. These include Raven Arms (George Jennngs), Jennings/Bryco (Bruce Jennings), Davis (Jim Davis), Sedco (John Davis), and Lorcin ( Jim Waldorf an old friend of the Jennings family). Most of these companies' designs are based upon George Jennings Raven .25 ACP pocket pistol. The Davis P-32 and P-380 are essentially scaled-up Ravens made for larger calibers.

Davis Industries primary models were the P-32 and P-380 semi-automatic pistols, the small-frame derringers in .22 LR, .22 WMR, .25 ACP and .32 ACP cartridges, and the larger frame derringers in .38 Special and 9mm. There were plans in the works for the DAP pistol and a .45 ACP also, when the company closed it's doors. You will find Davis guns marked as made in either "Chino, CA" or "Mira Loma, CA".

As was common before it became illegal to sue a gun manufacturer for pure operator negligence, Davis Industries was essentially sued out of existence in 1998.

Currently, the Davis Industries semi-auto and derringer designs are produced by Cobra Industries. Cobra bought the machinery and design rights. The Cobra CA32 is the Davis P-32 and the CA380 is the Davis P-380. The Cobra derringers are the former Davis Industries derringers. All parts interchange.

Cobra also currently produces the former Lorcin line of pistols as well.

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