Dardick revolver
Country of origin

United States of America


Dardick Corporation


David Dardick

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Magazine-fed revolver


Dardick tround, various calibers


Single action/double action with open chamber

Overall length


Barrel length




Weight empty


Magazine/Cylinder capacity

11 tround internal magazine (1100)
15 tround internal magazine (1500)
20 tround internal dual-feed magazine (2000)

The Dardick revolver is an odd American magazine-fed revolver.


David Dardick and Melvin Johnson were the creators of some oddball firearms, and were good friends with each other. Dardick went ahead and started his own company, marketing a whole range of products, such as the Dardick revolver. The revolver had a whole range of accessories, such as a stripper clip and .22 Long Rifle tround adapters for the special tround bullet. Despite these efforts to market the gun, the company went out of business in 1960 and and had to close down after one year of manufacturing these revolvers and 11 years of R&D.

Design DetailsEdit

The revolver was known for its open-chamber desiggn, where the exteriors of the chambers are opened up, forming a "U" shape instead of an "O" on conventional revolvers. This allowed cartridges to be inserted into the side of the cylinder, and allowed it to be rapidly loaded from a magazine. In order to contain the pressure of firing, an odd number of chambers were bored into the cylinder, usually three. Loading was accomplished by a trapdoor on the left side, where the rounds are stuck inside. After all are loaded, the trapdoor can be closed and the first round will automatically be loaded into the cylinder.


The Dardick used a special type of ammunition called a tround (triangle round), and was available in .38 caliber or .22 caliber. The change can be done with the use of a special selector and a barrel change.


  • 1100 - The Model 1100 has a super short barrel and held 11 trounds in the grip.
  • 1500 - The Model 1500 had a long barrel and held 15 trounds in the grip.
  • 2000 - The Model 2000 was a prototype that held 20 trounds and fed from both sides of the magazine. The 2000 was probably never made due to it likely being too finicky to use, and only one picture of it exists.


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