Dan Wesson Pistol Pac (1)
Dan Wesson Pistol-Pac
Country of origin

United States


Dan Wesson Firearms

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.357 Magnum


Double action

Barrel length

2in (51mm), 4in (102mm), 6in (152mm), 8in (203mm)


36oz (1.02kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Six-shot cylinder

The Dan Wesson Pistol-Pac was a series of revolvers produced by Dan Wesson Firearms. Technically the first Pistol-Pac was another name for the Dan Wesson Model 15-2, however the Pistol Pac (which consisted of 3 additional/swapable barrels) was applied to more of Dan Wesson's designs.

Design DetailsEdit

The Pistol Pac had a fairly typical design for a revolver and was often considered very similar to Colt Python (as was the Korth .357 Magnum). The high quality design consisted of a solid frame with swing-out cylinder and a common double action mechanism. Virtually all components were made from a steel alloy, while the grips were fashioned from a high quality wood.

Yet by far the most significant feature of the Pistol Pacs were the additional barrels sold with the design. Although only one barrel could be mounted to the frame (the other three held in a padded case) the concept was to offer the shooter a larger amount of choice when using the Pistol Pac. The barrels were simple to remove and install, simply requiring the need to be screwed in place. A tool was also provided which would help to install the barrel and maintain the correct breech to cylinder gap. 

Dan Wesson Pistol Pac (2)

An image of the three additional barrels to the Pistol Pac shown above.

The barrel, particularly around the joint was then fitted with a blade (one forged with each barrel) as a front sight, a jacket (which covered the joint and strengthened the design) and an ejector rod shroud (which could be removed to allow the dissasembly of the ejector mechanism). The jacket in particular was designed so that it would only fit properly when the blade sight at the front was in the correct position.


The Pistol Pac's original application, the Model 15-2, was chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. This meant that each barrel was also bored to accept the .38in calibre bullet. Later Pistol Pac models would have various other calibres and cartridges offered with them.


The Dan Wesson Pistol Pac was one of the more unusual design ideas for revolvers, which had largely followed a general trend of double action/solid frame. The option of having four different barrels (later models were offered 5 or more barrels) gave shooters more choice when shooting largely due to the ability to customise the Pistol Pac without aftermarket parts. The high quality of the Pistol Pac, along with the additional barrels helped to build the cult-like following of the Dan Wesson Company, until they were bought by CZ-USA, whom ended the production of the Pistol Pac (although spare parts would still be produced for a time).

Perhaps Ian V. Hogg, a former British Army serviceman and famed author of various books, best summarised the Pistol Pac:

The Pistol-Pac idea allows the shooter to have the best of several choices at his fingertips at all times.

Ian V. Hogg, Modern Small Arms (ISBN:0861241231)


Modern Small Arms (Ian V. Hogg) - ISBN: 0861241231 - Info + Image

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