Crye Associates MR-C
Country of origin

United States


Crye Associates


Crye Associates

Year(s) designed

Around 2005

Weapon type

Assault rifle


6.8mm Caseless (projected)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

45- or 50-round magazine

Cyclic rate

800 RPM (projected)

The Modular Rifle - Caseless is an American mockup concept bullpup assault rifle.


The MR-C was designed by Crye Associates as a mockup of an assault rifle. It was intended to be sold to the United States Army as a next-generation weapon which fires next-generation ammunition; the rifle is simply labelled as a "Modular Caseless Carbine Mock-Up" on the Crye Associates website. The weapon has not actually been developed, even in prototype form; it has never appeared in any OICW-related or Army-related contests featuring assault rifles.

Design DetailsEdit

If produced, the MR-C would use 6.8mm caseless ammunition in a bullpup layout. The weapon has a 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher known as the AGL.


The weapon is projected to use the 6.8mm Caseless round. Information on this round is completely unknown, and is likely never developed.

Its grenade launcher component uses 40mm grenades.


  • The MR-C is very widely known for its appearances in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and other Ghost Recon video games. In fact, most information about the MR-C is taken from video games and should not be taken as fact.

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