Colt walker

Colt Walker revolver

The Colt Walker was large percussion single action Cap and Ball revolver designed by Samuel Colt. It was the most powerful handgun from 1847 to the 1930's with the introduction of Smith and Wesson's magnum revolvers.


In 1836 Samuel Colt patented his first revolver which is known as the Colt Paterson. The Paterson revolver was an advantage over the earlier pepperbox revolver but was not perfect. It had a folding trigger making it difficult to cock. Most models did not have a loading lever or loading gate so the gun had to be taken apart to load. Another problem was that the Paterson could not hold enough powder so it had little stopping power.

Some Texas rangers in 1844 defeated a large group of attacking Indians thanks to their Colt Paterson's, one of the rangers was a man called Walker who later contacted Colt before the 1847 Mexican American war. Walker wanted Colt to  make a new more powerful revolver. Walker and Colt worked together and designed a massive 44. calliber revolver which Colt named the "Colt Walker", it was also Colt's first six shooter and it had a trigger guard and loading lever. The US Army purchased many of the new guns and used them to good use in the war against Mexico. Colt presented Walker with a pair of his new revolvers which he carried until he died in battle.

The Colt Walker was a very good revolver but it was not perfect. The gun was perhaps too powerful, the revolver sometimes exploded when fired and the loading lever would often fall down because of the gun's recoil. The Walker would be later improved a year later and Colt came up with a new revolver known as the Dragoon.

The Colt Walker is still produced by several modern gun companies, even the Colt factory still makes reproductions. The new replica Walkers are made of better materials and steel so they won't explode when fired.