Uberti Black Powder .44
Colt Navy
Country of origin

United States


Colt's Manufacturing Company


Samuel Colt

Production began


Weapon type





Single action, six-round cylinder black powder percussion operated

Overall length

14 in (35.56cm)


42 oz. (1.19kg)

Weight empty

0.94 kilograms

Used by

United States, Confederate States of America, Great Britain, Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Poland, Prussia

The Colt Navy is a single action cap and ball revolver designed and manufactured by Colt. Some of the models were used in the American Civil War, in which Colt was rivaling with Remington with their popular 1858 revolver. Famous users of the Colt Navy included Wild Bill Hickock and Ned Kelly, General Robert E Lee himself had a Colt 1851 navy while serving for the Confederacy. After the Civil War, several cap and ball 1851 navies were converted to fire metallic cartridges. In 1873 with the introduction of the famous Colt Peacemaker Colt dropped the Navy out of production.

Today several companies such as Uberti recreate the famed 1851 Navy.


  • The Colt Navy Revolver Model 1851 is recognized as the weapon used by "The Man With No Name" in the movies, For a Fistful of Dollars, For a few Dollars More & The Good, and The Bad & The Ugly.