In 1892 the Colt factory launched a new solid frame double action swing out cylinder revolver chambred for 38 long colt, due to its simplicity and easy function, the US Army adopted it, which replaced the single action army which began to replace the single action Colt peacemaker, but during the Philippine-American war the 1892's failed in terms of stopping power, the US troops faced attacking tribesmen who took drugs to withstand the impact of a bullet and the 38 long colt was too weak to kill the tribesmen even when they were shot several times, for a solution the Army quickly dropped the 1892 colt and went back to using the 1873 Colt peacemaker, the peacemaker although slow fired a heavy powerful 45 cartridge which had what the US soldiers wanted, stopping power.

The answer for a fast gun like a 1892 Colt and to have the stopping the Colt Peacemaker was the .45 ACP Colt M1911.

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