Colt Individual Multi-Purpose Weapon (IMP)
Country of origin

United States of America


Colt Manufacturing Company


Dale M. Davis

Weapon type



.221 Fireball

The Individual Multi-Purpose Weapon, or "IMP", was an experimental carbine designed by Dale M. Davis and developed by Colt.


The IMP was designed by Dale Davis of the USAF Armament Laboratory at Elgin, Florida. Its purpose was to provide a better survival rifle for aircrew. Thus, it had to be very compact, whilst still offering more firepower than a pistol. Davis designed in the bullpup layout with a short barrel and no buttstock. Instead, the rear end of the weapon was designed to rest on the firer's forearm, whether it be the left arm or right. This was possible through a unique rotation system that allowed the rear end to swivel through three different angles, with three sets of sights to align with each configuration. Thus, it could rest along the firer's arm comfortably without the magazine getting in the way. The IMP was chambered for the .221 Fireball cartridge, which weighed at 52 grains and had a muzzle velocity of 2500ft/s. 4 prototypes were produced by Colt by 1972.

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