Colt CM901
Country of origin

United States



Production began


Weapon type

Assault rifle, Designated marksman rifle, Carbine


5.56×45mm NATO, 6.8mm Remington SPC, 7.62×39mm, 7.62×51mm NATO


Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Overall length

870-950 millimeters

Barrel length

410 millimeters

Weight empty

4.3 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Various STANAG Magazines

Cyclic rate

700-950 Rounds Per Minute

Maximum effective range

≈ 700 meters

Used by

Malaysian Armed Forces

The Colt CM901 (Colt Modular) is a modular firearm platform, based off the existing AR-15 platform. It can be converted to an assault rifle, designated marksman rifle, and carbine without the usage of tools.

Design Details Edit

The CM901 shares various internal and external features with existing colt AR-15 type weapons, including action, controls, basic functions, and the direct gas impingement operation. The weapon's heart is a lower receiver housing an enlarged magazine well that can accommodate various cartridges, including 5.56×45mm, 6.8×43mm, 7.62×39mm, and 7.62×51mm. The weapon has fully ambidextrous controls for the bolt release mechanism, magazine release, and fire selector/safety lever. Upper receivers are available for several caliber configurations, and barrel lengths, each upper receiver has its own unique rail system, which allows for scopes, and other optical enhancements to be per-sighted for each different configuration, and to be quickly swapped for different tasks and situations.

Variants Edit

Colt has released a civilian variant of the CM901, known as the LE901-16s. The LE901-16s shares several features that the CM901 has, but do not have have fully automatic capabilities, as with most rifles intended for the civilian market, and its only chambered for .308 Winchester ammunition.

Usage Edit

The Malaysian Army has purchased 200 CM901 rifles, intended for general issue.

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