A clip is cheap, disposable piece of sheet metal that is used to load a magazine. The magazine is the ammunition reservoir for a repeating firearm. 

You can not have a repeating firearm without a magazine system of some sort, but you can, in most cases, load the magazine without a clip.

The word "clip" is commonly (though incorrectly) used as a synonym for magazine.

Types of clipsEdit

The original "en-bloc" style was developed by Mannlicher of Austria in 1880's.

Probably, the most famous use of this system was the M1 Garand. Here, the clip AND ammo is loaded into the weapon at the same time. After the last round in the clip is fired, it is automatically ejected, clearing the weapon for the next loading.

The other style is the "charger", commonly referred as a "stripper clip". With this item, the clip is mounted in machined grooves in the receiver or in an adapter mounted on the rear of the removable magazine, and the rounds pushed, or "stripped" into the magazine. The charger is then removed from the receiver, or magazine, and tossed.

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