A Bergmann Lignose Einhand 3A with its distinctive brass Chylewski device.

A Chylewski device is a device which is used to cock a weapon with one finger. This device has been seen on very few firearms.


The Chylewski device was invented by an Polish man named Witold Chylewski, who filed two patents for this device in 1913 and 1914 respectively and granted in 1914 and 1915 respectively. The first patent shows a spring-loaded device that can be pulled with the finger to cock the weapon with a single hand. The second patent uses a somewhat complicated system, where the cocker automatically releases the slide when it gets to the rear, engaging the trigger so that the gun can be fired without the need of removing one's finger from said cocker. In 1921, a third patent was filed by Lignose; this third patent is conceptually very similar to Chylewski's first patent, even though the text of the patent references Chylewski's second patent.

Weapons with this deviceEdit

A known list of weapons with this single-handed cocking mechanism include:


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