Country of origin



Companhia de Explosivos de Valparaiba

Weapon type

Submachine gun


9 x 19 mm Parabellum


Blowback, Closed bolt

The CEV M9M1 is a submachine gun of Brazilian origin, chambered in the 9x19mm caliber and fires from a closed bolt.

The M9M1 is a fairly straightforward type of submachine gun, designed primarily for ease of manufacture and low cost. The only complaint by the troops using it was how easy it was to accidentally pull the retractable stock completely off the weapon, as when first pulled, it is difficult, but at a certain point suddenly becomes easy, and there is nothing to stop the stock before it can be pulled out, otherwise the M9M1 would be a reliable weapon. By 2002, it had been long out of active Brazilian service, and not even used much by reserves.


Bling plated CEV M9M1.


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