Bushmaster BA50

The Bushmaster BA50 is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle, chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge. It has a 30-inch, match-grade Lothar Walther free-floating barrel with a 1:15 inch twist rate, which is standard for the .50 BMG cartridge). The carbine variant has a 22-inch barrel.

The BA50 was the original design of Cobb Manufacturing. Bushmaster purchased the design, modified it, and released it as the Bushmaster BA50.

Design detailsEdit

The BA50 weighs 30 pounds (without a magazine or ammunition) and is equipped with a muzzle brake to help tame the recoil. The brake is designed to minimize the rearward force of the weapon when it is fired. The rifle has a Magpul PRS adjustable stock with a Limbsaver recoil pad installed to further cushion the blow of the recoil. The bolt is located on the left side of the receiver; the ejection port is on the right side. The rifle comes equipped with a removable bipod.

The upper receiver has a Picatinny (1913) rail for the mounting of an optic, and the rail on top of the handguard is removable. The forearm rail is removable with allen head bolts. The rifle disassembles somewhat like an AR-15 (namely, separating the upper and lower receiver by driving out the two pins holding them together).

The lower and upper receivers are machined from T6-6061 aluminum billet, and have an anodized finish. All steel parts have a manganese phosphate finish. The handguards are vented, but are not attached to the barrel, as the barrel is free-floated.

The rifle is magazine-fed. The standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds. It comes with two 10 round magazines. The rifle also comes in a Bushmaster-branded hardcase made by Storm.

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