Webley British Bulldog
Country of origin

Great Britain


Webley & Scott

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.44 Short rimfire, .442 Webley, .450 Adams


Double action

Overall length

152mm (6in)

Barrel length

64mm (2.5in)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


Maximum effective range

13.7m (15yards)

The Webley British Bulldog was an extremely popular solid frame revolver, produced by Webley & Scott in 1872. Its small size made it easy to conceal.

Design DetailsEdit

Having an incredibly short barrel at 2.5in (64mm) and overall length of 6in (152mm) the British Bulldog was easy to conceal, unlike other pistols and revolvers at the time. Furthermore the British Bulldog is double action, solid framed and chambered to fire the .44 short rimfire.

The British Bulldog, unsuprisingly, had fixed sights and being small, large numbers still exist, largely due to not being used or having very little use many being stored away in forgotten holes.


The British Bulldog was originally produced in Great Britain. However copies began appearing in the late 1800's, mainly originating from Belgium. Other copies were produced in France, Spain and the US.

Even smaller versions were produced, chambered to fire the .320 and .380 calibers, although these versions were not marketed as British Bulldogs. Little is known about these models.


The British Bulldog was originally chambered to fire the .44 short rimfire round. Quickly, however, the British Bulldog was chambered to fit larger rounds such as the .442 Webley and .450 Adams. These were shot from a five-shot cylinder.

As mentioned previously, unmarketed British Bulldogs were able to shoot .320 and .380 rounds.


The British Bulldog became popular with plain clothed police officers and detectives throughout the British Empire, thanks to its small size. Although production ended in 1914 the British Bulldog remained popular until the end of the Second World War.

Perhaps most famously a Belgian variant was the gun used to shoot United States President Garfield in the early 1880s.

The British Bulldog is a highly desireable collector's gun, the larger caliber versions being most desired due to their ammunition nolonger being in production. Many examples remain, mainly due to their lack of use.


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