Breda Echo
Breda Echo
Country of origin



Breda Meccanica Bresciana

Weapon type



12 gauge


Semi automatic

Barrel length

61 cm
66 cm
71 cm
76 cm

Weight empty

2850 g

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

3+1 Internal magazine

The Breda Echo is a semi-auto Shotgun manufactured by Breda. The Echo is very similar to Breda's previous model the Xanthos.


The perfect merge between reliability and elegance: an ultratested inertial system with head rotating, the quality of row materials and the finesse of the finishing made under the strictest Breda’s standards, combined with a modern and elegant design which makes the Echo an evergreen on the whole range of hunting shotguns.


Like the Breda Xanthos and Chiron the Echo uses 12 gauge shells.



  • The reliability of the Echo combined with the durability of the blued receiver which both allow a frequent hunting in every weather conditions.
  • Unlike the previous models (Xanthos, Chiron) the Echo's bolt release button is not located near the loading port.


Breda Echo20:16

Breda Echo

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