Bodeo Revolver

A Bodeo Revolver

The Bodeo Model 1889 is an Italian revolver designed by Carlo Bodeo.


Developed from the Chamelot-Delvigne revolver, the Bodeo was intended to replace it in military and police service.

Design DetailsEdit

The Bodeo Model 1889 is a gate-loading revolver using the 10.35mm Ordinanza Italiana cartridge.

The ejection rod is normally housed in the hollow axis pin, underneath the barrel. To use the rod, the rod is rotated out counterclockwise and lines up with the loading gate. As a safety measure, the loading gate is connected to the hammer, and opening the loading gate disconnects the hammer, and pulling the trigger after that will only turn the cylinder.

A few versions of the revolver exist, with two major ones: the "Enlisted" or "Trooper" type (Italian: da truppa, also known as "Type A", tipo A) and the "Officer" type (Italian: da ufficiali, also known as "Type B", tipo B).

The "Trooper" model has an octagonal barrel, lacks a trigger guard, and has a folding trigger. When the trigger is folded up, the trigger is released by pulling the hammer.

The "Officer" model has a trigger guard with a non-folding trigger.

Another model similar to the "Officer" model has a shorter round barrel, but is otherwise identical to the "Officer" model.