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Bizon (PP-19)
Country of origin




Weapon type

Submachine Gun


9x17mm, 9mm Makarov, 9mm Luger, 7.62x25mm


Free Blowback

Overall length

660 mm (Stock unfolded), 425 mm (Stock folded)

Barrel length

240 mm (9.4 inches)

Weight empty

2.47 kg (5.45 pounds)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

53 or 64-round helical-type detachable magazine

Cyclic rate

650 to 700 rpm

Maximum effective range

100 meters

The PP-19 Bizon is a unique looking 9mm submachine gun produced during 1993 by the IZHMASH company.


The Bizon was designed for Russia's law enforcement officials. One of the defining operational traits of the Bizon is the weapon's helical type magazine, which was most likely influenced by the calico designs produced earlier, none of which were very successful. Helical magazine aside, the rest of the gun is very similar to that of the AK-74; the receiver and charging handle look nearly identical to those found on its larger assault rifle relatives.

For its relative small size, which can be even smaller with the stock folded, the Bizon can pack a lot of firepower with its 64 round 9x19mm magazine which also becomes the gun's foregrip area.

Bizon AttributesEdit

The Bizon has been quoted as having the following characteristics,

  • High hit probability;
  • Excellent controllability in fully automatic fire;
  • Enhanced accuracy of rapid (instinctive) fire;
  • Compact envelope and a possibility of carrying in concealment;
  • Large capacity of magazine;
  • Variable operational range of fire.

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