Beretta LTLX7000 KEW
Country of origin





Selex Galileo

Year(s) designed

Before 2007

Weapon type

Less-lethal shotgun


12 gauge


Manually operated, pump action

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5-round tubular magazine

The Beretta LTLX7000 Kinetic Energy Weapon is an Italian less-lethal shotgun that is currently in development.


The LTLX7000 was created to solve the problem of unwanted deaths from less-lethal weapons as less-lethal weapons have been known to have higher lethality at shorter ranges. Very little is known about the LTLX7000's development date, but it should have been developed before 2007 as it was seen in an episode of Future Weapons filmed that year.

Design Details

The LTLX7000 uses a complex computer-controlled holographic sight with two red dots inside it to line up targets. The LTLX7000 is unique in that it is able to deliver the same kinetic energy to a target regardless of range, thanks to this computer-controlled sight and a patented gas venting system, which vents gas from the barrel to lower pressure from the projectile and allows the projectile to have the same velocity regardless of range; range calibration is done by aligning the two dots in the scope, with the top dot aligned to the head of the target and the bottom dot to the feet of the target.


The LTLX7000 uses proprietary 12 gauge cartridges with rubber projectiles in them.


  • LTLX may stand for Less-Than-Lethal eXperimental.

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