The Beretta 70 series pistols were small, single action, blowback semi-automatic pistols chambered in .22 long rifle, .32 acp and .380 acp. 


The 70 series Berettas were imported into the United states by the Garcia corporation and then the Berden Corporation. 

Design DetailsEdit

The Beretta 70s was a single action, blowback design semi-automatic.  These pistols are generally not considered powerful enough for a person defense weapon, with the possible exception of the .380 acp chambering.
Beretta 70s

Beretta 70s in .380 acp with aftermarket magazine.


The Beretta 70s had chamberings for the .22 long rifle, .32 acp, and .380 acp.


The .22 long rifle version was available with standard 4.84 inch barrel, as well as a target barrel of 8.5 inches.

Varients (all with 4.84 inch barrels unless noted) known to exist are

  • Model 70s, in either .32 acp or .380 acp.
  • Model 71, in .22 long rifle.
  • Model 72, in .22 long rifle with both a 4.8 inch barrel and an interchangable 9.25 inch target barrel.  8 round capacity.
  • Model 73, in .22 long rifle, with only the 9.25 inch barrel, and rear sight monted on the barrel, just above the chamber.  Enlarged grips allowed for 10 round magazine.
  • Model 74, in .22 long rifle, with a 5.9 inch barrel, and an adjustable rear sight mounted just above the chamber.  Enlarged grips allowed for 10 round magazine.
  • Model 75, in .22 long rifle, same as model 72, but with a long barrel. 


  • Beretta 70 was a collection of Italian movie theme songs from Italian cops and robbers movies in the 1970s, styled after the Dirty Harry series of movies.
  • Israeli Mossad issued the models 70 and 71 in .22 to their agents.
  • The Beretta 70 makes a number of appearences in the James Bond franchise.
    • Bond carries a model 70 in Egypt while at the pyramids in "The Spy Whol Loved Me".
    • in the movie "Skyfall", the character Severine carries a Beretta 70 strapped to her thigh, though the gun is never seen.


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