Benelli Vinci
Benelli Vinci
Country of origin



Benelli Armi SpA

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



12 gauge


Semi automatic

Overall length

1,220mm (48.0in) - 1320mm (51.9in)[2]

Barrel length

660mm (26.0in)[2]
711mm (28.0in)[2]
762mm (30.0in)[2]


3.15kg (6.94lb)[2]

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

3 Internal magazine

 The Benelli Vinci is a semi automatic shotgun produced by Benelli Armi SpA.[2] The Vinci is named for Leonardo da Vinci, and was the first Benelli design to feature an in-line version of Bruno Civolani's inertia action.[1]


The Vinci was released in 2009, becoming a test bed for Benelli's latest modification to their signature inertia action, which meant it operates "in-line".[1] As with other Benelli products such as the Nova, the Vinci is sold as a hunting shotgun rather than a self-defence weapon.[2]

Design DetailsEdit

The Vinci features an in-line version of Bruno Civolani's inertia action (which uses the energy produced by firing the Vinci to load the next shot and reset the bolt), which relocates the mechanism to keep the action from causing excess muzzle climb.[2] The system also removes the gasses produced from firing to keep the action clean, and is positioned so that the barrel can be free floating.[3] 

Benelli's other developments are also featured on the Vinci, including their Technopolymer material.[2] This is used for the stock of the Vinci, while a modified version of the material is used for the receiver, named Tecnopolimero.[2] These materials are combined with Benelli's ComforTech system, which is intended to reduce recoil and improve the shooter's grip on the Vinci.[2] The Vinci can also be disassembled without the need for tools.[2]


In terms of ammunition, the Vinci is sold only in 12 gauge format.[2] Other versions of the Vinci are able to use magnum and super magnum versions of the 12 gauge round, all from the same three round magazine, loaded internally.[2]


The Vinci is made in numerous formats and varieties, with engraving and other elements, including other Benelli developments. The variants include:

  • Vinci 760 - Popular in Russia, the Vinci 760 is sold with a range of stock designs and a 760mm long barrel.[2]
  • Vinci Amazonia Green - A slightly modified design, with a variety of recoil pads.[2]
  • Vinci APG-HD - Features a camoflaged exterior with a choice of stock comb styles.[2]
  • Vinci Black - The now standard version of the Vinci, with blackened appearance.[2]
  • Vinci Black Slug - A modified version of the Vinci, capable of firing more powerful rounds, as well as Benelli's "Easy Aim" system with fibre optic sights.[2]
  • Vinci Cordoba - Features Benelli's speed bolt system, intending to speed up loading and reduce the effects of recoil.[2] Also includes a ventilated barrel.[2]
  • Vinci Sequoia Brown - A brown version of the Vinci.[2]
  • Vinci Speed Bolt - The first Vinci to be sold with Benelli's Speed Bolt system.[2]


  • The Vinci was used in the television series Top Shot.[4]


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