Benelli Supernova
Benelli SuperNova
Country of origin



Benelli Armi SpA

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



12 gauge


Pump action

Overall length

1035mm (40.7in) - 1175mm (46.3in)

Barrel length

470mm (18.5in) - 711mm (28.0in)


3.6kg (7.93lb)[2]

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

4+1 Internal magazine

 The Benelli SuperNova is a pump action shotgun produced by Benelli Armi SpA.[2] The SuperNova is based on the Benelli Nova, which is renowned for its Technopolymer one piece frame.[2]


Released in 2006, the SuperNova was produced to test and sell the new Rilsan Technopolymer that Benelli had developed for the Nova.[2] The SuperNova, which includes more recoil reducing parts and other design elements, is marketed at casual hunters, and is considered a good choice for first time shotgun shooters.[3]

Design DetailsEdit

The key feature of the SuperNova, like its predecessor, is the fact that the stock and receiver are manufactured in a single piece, from Benelli's self-developed Rilsan Technopolymer.[2] Combined with this Technopolymer, which Benelli claim to be more resistant to heat and cold than conventional materials while also being lighter, are a number of recoil absorbing features, including a recoil pad which allows air to be moved through it to absorb energy.[2] The SuperNova also incorporates the ComforTech system developed by Benelli as standard.[1]

The SuperNova is available in numerous, smoothbore, barrel lengths, from 18.5in to 28in, with the option of having a ventilated rib installed as well.[2] The abidextrous safety, which locks the bolt in place through a transverse mechanism, is a highly praised aspect of the SuperNova, while a slight change in the design of the receiver means that the capacity of the SuperNova is increased over its predecessor.[3][2]


The SuperNova is chambered to accept 12 gauge rounds, holding four with one in the chamber.[4] These are loaded into the SuperNova by a magazine cap located infront of the pump action, which unscrews to allow loading and to disassemble the gun.[3]


The SuperNova's popularity has meant that Benelli have launched a range of variations to the design, with "tactical" and camouflaged versions.

SuperNova ComforTech CamoEdit

Features a camouflaged stock and receiver, as well as a "ready to shoot" signal for firing.[2]

SuperNova SlugEdit

Designed to use Slug-style shotgun ammunition, the SuperNova Slug is intended to be used for hunting large game and other animals, while also retaining the lightweight frame.[2]

SuperNova TacticalEdit

A Tactical version of the SuperNova which includes a integrated picatinny rail for mounting an after market scope and an extended pistol grip.[2][1] The Tactical also features a telescopic stock and larger trigger guard to aid the user in adjusting the SuperNova to their preferred setup.[2]


  • A SuperNova was used in the 2013 film World War Z.[5]