Benelli Raffaello
Benelli Raffaello
Country of origin



Benelli Armi SpA

Production ended


Weapon type



12 gauge


Semi automatic

Overall length

1050mm (41.3in) - 1300mm (51.2in)[1]

Barrel length

508mm (20.0in) - 762mm (30.0in)[1]


3.2kg (7.05lb)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

4+1 Internal magazine

 The Benelli Raffaello is a semi automatic shotgun produced by Benelli Armi SpA of Italy.[1] The Raffaello uses a developed version of the inertia driven action developed by Bruno Civolani in the 1960s.[1]


The Raffaello was designed around the idea of simplicity, allowing users to adjust the gun to their liking.[2] As such, the Raffaello is sold with a wide range of barrels and a simple action with few components.[2][1] Like many of Benelli's designs (such as the Nova and SuperNova) the Raffaello is a popular choice for a hunting shotgun.

Design DetailsEdit

The Raffaello features the semi automatic action devised by Bruno Civolani in the 1960s, the design which effectively allowed Benelli to get off the ground. As such, the action, which works of off the inertia that results from the firing of the gun, is both refined and simple to maintain.[1] Added to this system is an adjustable trigger, which allows the user to adjust the amount they need to pull the trigger to fire the Raffaello.[1]

Safety on the Raffaello works through a transverse mechanism which locks the bolt in place, preventing it from moving.[1] Added to this is a magazine cutoff which prevents the next shot being loaded, as well as a mechanism to prevent the next shot being fired.[1] The Raffaello features an anodised receiver and walnut stock, as well as a choice of barrel lengths, from 18.5in to 28in.[1]


The Raffaello is sold with the ability to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells, although unlike the Nova and SuperNova it cannot use overloaded cartridges or magnum versions.[1] The magazine capacity, which is within the frame, varies from two to five depending on the size of the shot used.[1]


The Raffaello is available in a range of different formats.

  • Arabesque - Features a decorated receiver with an enamelled dog and ducks on either side. Only 1,000 have been produced.[1]
  • Crio - Manufactured in 12, 20 and 28 gauge.[1]
  • CrioComfort - Marketed as the most advanced semi automatic shotgun, the CrioComfort includes the majority of Benelli's developments, including Technopolymer and carbon fibre.[1]
  • De Luxe - An emphasis on engraving and detailling on the receiver.[1]
  • Dynamic - Features a grain enhanced stock and highly engraved receiver with major features coloured in gold.[1]
  • Elegant - The receiver is photoengraved and given a two tone finish (black and silver).[1]
  • Executive series - Satin finished receiver with other minor modifications across the range.[1]
  • Lord 20 - A 20 gauge version with leather covered walnut stock and an ergal receiver.[1]
  • Pasion - A version of the Raffaello which includes elements of their first shotgun design.[1]
  • Power Bore - A re-styled version of Raffaello.[1]
  • Supersport - Produced in both 12 and 20 gauge. Features Benelli's self-developed Technopolymer which is used for the stock and has a tweaked action to increase shooting speed.[1]


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