Not to be confused with the Benelli MR1.

Benelli R1
Benelli R1
Country of origin



Benelli Armi SpA

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.338 WM[2]


Semi automatic

Overall length

1,160mm (45.7in)[2]

Barrel length

610mm (24.0in)[2]


3.45kg (7.6lb)[2]

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


 The Benelli R1 is a semi automatic rifle produced by Benelli Armi SpA.[2] The R1 features Benelli's A.R.G.O. system, which is combined with a number of other of Benelli's other developments.[2]


The R1 was released as a hunting rifle, which uses the A.R.G.O. system which Benelli developed for their rifle range.[2] Although rifles are not the choice for some, the R1 is considered a good choice for its low weight and relatively short overall length.[3]

Design DetailsEdit

The R1 features Benelli's self developed A.R.G.O. (Auto Regulating Gas Operated) system, which means that the R1 is operated through gas (unlike the Bruno Civolani system which Benelli built themselves upon).[3] Benelli claim that this makes the R1 very reliable, while also possessing a smoother action as the gas pressure is regulated to allow for the quickest loading of the next round.[2] The barrel, meanwhile, is treated cryogenically to increase accuracy.[2]

The R1 also features the ComforTech setup which Benelli apply to their firearms, which is intended to give the user the best control of the R1.[2] Aiding this is their Air Touch system which affects the surface of the stock to give better grip, while the trigger guard is manufactured from Technopolymer.[2] Safety is dealt with in the form of a transverse mechanism which locks the bolt in place (which is ambidextrous) and a ready to shoot signal.[2]


The R1 is chambered to accept the .338 Winchester Magnum round, shot from either a two, three, four, five or ten shot magazine.[2] The R1 can also be found chambered for .30-06 Springfield cartridges and .300 Winchester Magnum rounds.[2]


  • A Benelli R1 was used by James Cromwell in the 2012 film Soldiers of Fortune.[4]


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