Benelli Nova
Benelli Nova
Country of origin



Benelli Armi SpA

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



12 gauge
20 gauge


Pump action

Overall length

1025mm (40.4in) - 1165mm (45.8in)[2]

Barrel length

470mm (18.5in) - 610mm (24.0in)[2]


3.6kg (7.93lb)[2]

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

4+1 Internal Magazine[2]

The Benelli Nova is an Italian made shotgun, manufactured by Benelli since the 1990s.[1] The Nova uses a pump action mechanism, which is encased in a single piece polymer frame, which incorporates both the receiver and the stock.[2]


The Nova was developed in the late 1990s, as technology surronding the use of polymers was also being tested. As such, the Nova uses a unique polymer known as Technopolymer, which Benelli claim to be resistant to both extreme heat and cold.[2] Because the polymer is low in weight, the Nova is popular as a hunting shotgun because of this, and has remained a popular model for Benelli since its release, with other versions being developed, including the Supernova.[2]

Design DetailsEdit

As mentioned above, the key feature of the Nova is its Technopolymer frame, which means that the receiver and stock are manufactured as a single piece.[2] This gives the Nova a significant amount of strength, meaning it came be loaded with the more powerful 12 or 20 gauge shots in use.[2] The stock is fitted with a recoil pad to absorb some of the recoil energy produced, while the trigger guard is also manufactured from the temperature resistant polymer.[2]

The Nova is available in three different barrel lengths as standard: 18.5in (470mm), 20in (510mm) and 24in (610mm), with the option of having a ventilated rib added as well as a picatinny rail.[2] Safety on the Nova is in the form of an ambidextrous mechanism which locks the bolt in place, which is combined with a "ready to shoot" signal as well.[2]


The Nova is sold with the ability to use "Supermagnum" versions of the conventional 12 gauge shot used by most shotguns.[2] The same applies to the 20 gauge models of the Nova, although both have smaller ammunition capacities if using the more powerful versions of the ammunition.[2] The rounds are fed into an internal magazine, accessed through a magazine cap in front of the pump action grip.[2]


The Nova's popularity has led to Benelli producing several other versions of the basic design, including the Supernova, as well as a "Tactical" version.

Nova TacticalEdit

Modifications to the basic design of the frame mean that an integral picatinny rail is added to allow a scope to be added to the Nova.[2] The receiver is modified to restrict the movement of the pump action, allowing for faster shooting as well as a smoother action, while the barrel is given a ghost ring foresight.[2]

Nova SlugEdit

Designed to fire slug style cartridges rather than the magnum cartridges of the basic design, the Nova Slug is given an adjustable rear sight with a fixed blade foresight.[2]


The Supernova is a more refined version of the Nova, with nearly all parts of the design more refined, and a new version of the Technopolymer (named Rilsan Technopolymer) used for the frame.[3] The Supernova is also fitted with more recoil reducing parts as standard.[2]


  • The Nova has been used in a couple of films and television episodes since its release, including:
    • The Nest and Fast & Furious 6 - (Films)[4]
    • Star Trek: Enterprise and Nikita (2010) - (TV)[4]
  • The Nova is also featured in a number of video games.
    • SWAT 4[4]
    • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light[4]
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[4]


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