Barrett Rec7
Country of origin



Barrett Firearms Manufacturing

Weapon type

Assault rifle


5.56x45mm NATO
6.8 SPC


Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall length

35.5 in w/ extended stock; 32.4 in w/ collapsed stock

Barrel length

16 in (or 12 in for PDW)


3.3 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5, 10, 20, 28, or 30 round magazine; 100 round C-Mag drum

Maximum effective range

800 meters

Muzzle velocity

810 m/s

The Barrett REC7 (Reliability Enhanced Carbine 7) is an assault rifle developed by Barrett and fires either the 5.56x45mm NATO or the 6.8 SPC cartridge. Barrett claims that it has a maximum effective range of 800 meters. It has largely replaced the M468.

Possible Replacement of M16/M4Edit

This weapon was one of many displayed to U.S. Army officials in an invitation-only Industry Day event. The goal of this event was to review current carbine technology to help write formal requirements for a replacement for the M16/M4.

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