BSA X-16
Birmingham Small Arms X-16
Country of origin

Great Britain


Birmingham Small Arms


Josef Vesely

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

General purpose machine gun


7.62x51mm NATO

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

100-round belt

The X-16 GPMG was a general purpose machine gun designed and manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms.


The X-16 was a belt-fed variation of the Bren, designed for the British Army's GPMG trials in 1957. It competed against numerous other machine guns, including the very similar Enfield X-11, the M60, the FN MAG and the AA-52. The FN MAG was eventually adopted and designated the L7A1 GPMG, and thus the X-16 was cancelled and abandoned. Reports suggest the X-16 was very efficient and well-designed.

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