Astra Cadix
Country of origin



Astra-Unceta y Cia SA

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.22 Long Rifle, .32 ACP, .357 Magnum, .38 Special


Double action

Overall length

165mm (6.5in)

Barrel length

51mm (2in), 102mm (4in), 152mm (6in)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Five-shot, Six-shot, Nine-shot

The Astra Cadix was a series of revolvers produced by Astra-Unceta y Cia SA of Guernica. Beginning in 1958 three calibers were used: .22 Long Rifle, .32 ACP and .38 Special, before the .357 Magnum became avaliable to the Cadix.

Cadix SeriesEdit

Original ModelsEdit

Beginning in 1958 the Cadix was avaliable in three different calibers , each with a different cylinder:

  • .22 - Featured a nine-shot cylinder
  • .32 - Featured a six-shot cylinder
  • .38 - Featured a five-shot cylinder

There was also an option for different barrel lengths of 2 inches, 4 inches or 6 inches.

All models were solid-frame revolvers with swing-out cylinder.

Model 357Edit

Similar to the original models the Model 357 was solid framed and used a swing-out cylinder. However being chambered to shoot the .357 Magnum cartridge, the Model 357 was of a heavier construction and used a six-shot cylinder.

Model 960Edit

In essence the same gun as the Model 357, except being chambered for the .38 Special cartridge. This was for those who wanted a heavier revolver than the .38.


As of May 1997 Astra-Unceta y Cia SA is defunct, having merged with STAR, whom became bankrupt in 1997. Hence the Cadix Revolver Series is no longer in production.

The Cadix revolver's production method was based (in general) on the Smith & Wesson practice and all examples are considered to be of good quality and worksmanship.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms - Ian V. Hogg

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