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Amrbrust ("Crossbow")
Country of origin




Production began

late 1970s

Production ended

still manufactured

Weapon type

Grenade Launcher


67 mm


one-shot disposable

Overall length

850 mm

Weight empty

6.3 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

one-shot disposable

Cyclic rate

single shot disposable

Maximum effective range

300 m

Developed by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm company in late 1970, Armbrust grenade launchers are disposable one-shot anti-tank weapons, especially suited for urban conditions.

Using Devis-type recoil-less launch system, Armbrust has no significant back blast, and meter distance behind firer is enough for safety. Recoil is dampened using plastic counter-mass in form of flakes. Powder gases are locked in the launch tube after the shot, contained by two plungers, through which they push out charge and counter-mass.

Whole system is reminiscent of silenced ammo, used in Russian PSS pistol and OTs-38 revolver. Similarly, Armbrust gives no flash or loud sounds. Launch tube is hot after the launch, but since it`s discarded right after, it`s not a big concern.

Armbrust is made out of cheap light materials - launching tube is fiberglass. It fires shaped charge warhead. Sights are placed on the left side of tube. It uses pieso-electric ignition mechanism. Grip is folding for more compact storage. Grip also acts as safety - while it`s folded, trigger is blocked.

Nowadays, Armbrust is no longer produced in Germany, but it`s still made on licenses around the world.

Armbrust on ground

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