The Andrews Machine Carbine was a prototype submachine gun intended for clandestine operations during World War II. It was designed by an Australian named Andrews. Prototypes were made by BSA, for British Army trials in 1943.


The Andrews Machine Carbine is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. It used two full length guide rods, one above and one below the barrel. The guide rods carried a pair of recoil springs, as well as carrying the bolt inside the receiver. The gun uses standard 32 round Sten magazines. The bolt occupies the full volume of the inside of the receiver, thus requiring the firing mechanism parts to be mounted on the outside in a separate housing. It has a sliding dust cover to close off the ejection port. The grip folds up, although is does not cover the trigger (which is offset on the right side of the gun). It is equipped with a sling or lanyard loop on the back of the receiver.


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