Alexey Sudayev


Date of Birth

August 23, 1912

Date of Death

August 17, 1946 (aged 33)



Famous Works

PPS, AS-44

Alexey Ivanovich Sudayev was a Soviet firearms designer.


Sudayev participated in the defense of Leningrad, and designed the PPS submachine gun to aid in the defense of said city. He was also the designer of one of the first assault rifles for the then-new 7.62x39mm cartridge, the AS-44. His first prototype was very heavy, weighing in at 5.6 kilograms (12.3 pounds), so he designed a second prototype which was slightly lighter, at 5.35 kilograms (11.8 pounds). However, the second prototype had accuracy issues which he had to resolve, so he designed a third prototype. In the midst of designing his third prototype, however, Sudayev fell extremely ill, and died a week before his 34th birthday the following year.


Sudayev is most known for his work with the PPS submachine gun.


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