Aeroknox is a firearms company that provides revolutionary products to the defense industry. It is run by founder and CEO Corey Koepnick.


The "World's First" Hand Held 5.56mm Microgun. The XM556. I had a vision to bring an updated redesign of the 5.56mm Microgun to life. It didn't come without adversity, struggle and a ton of doubters, unbelievers, and people telling me I couldn't do it... Some of those same people have come back congratulating me. If you want to do something in life... Do it! Ignore anyone that doesn't have your back from the beginning! If ONE guy can design and build a gun like this from scratch, in 2-1/2 years, with no training, no college, just a GED, and little to no budget... The rest of you should be able to accomplish anything you want in Life!

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