Country of origin

United Kingdom


Accuracy International


Accuracy International

Production began


Weapon type

Semi-automatic rifle


.50 BMG


Gas operation, direct impingement

Overall length

53.9" (1369 mm)

Barrel length

692 mm


27 lb (12.2 kg) (no scope/sight, empty mag)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5 or 10 round detachable box magazine

Cyclic rate

5 rounds/1.6 seconds

Maximum effective range

1,500 m

The Accuracy International AS-50 was developed by the famous British company Accuracy International, from a request by the US SOCOM for a lightweight and rugged sniper rifle in .50 BMG. The AS-50 has a direct-impingement action. Its accuracy is 1.5 MOA, extremely impressive for a semi-automatic rifle of that caliber. Its effective range is about 1500 meters, allowing users to take down targets with high accuracy at long distances. The AS-50's gas operated action and muzzle brake give it a lower recoil than a bolt-action rifle like Accuracy International's AW-50. The AS-50 also features a rail for mounting optics, two side rails for other attachments, an adjustable bipod, and rear monopod for steadier aiming.

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