Arcadia Machine & Tool
Country of Origin

United States of America


Irwindale, California, United States


Harry Sanford

Year of Founding

1970 as Auto Mag Corporation

Year of Closure

Around 1998



Owner(s)/Parent Company

High Standard

Key People

Mark Lovedale
Walter Sanford

Weapon Types


Notable Products

AMT Backup
AMT Hardballer

Area(s) served

United States

Arcadia Machine & Tool, better known as AMT, was an American firearms company.


The company originally opened as Auto Mag Corporation in 1970, producing the famed AutoMag pistol. The first gun was delivered in 1971, but the company declared bankruptcy in 1972 after less than 3000 were made. The company opened and reopened under various names from 1973 to 1982, including Trade Deed Estates, OMC, Thomson Oil Company and most recently, Arcadia Machine and Tool. Within this period, about 6000 more AutoMags were produced for a total of about 9000 AutoMags. AMT was designated by the BATFA as one of the "Ring of Fire Companies": companies notorious for producing Saturday night specials, or inexpensive handguns, at a large scale. After discovering that their products were plagued with many reliability problems, AMT filed for bankruptcy and folded. Later in 1998, a company by the name of Galena Industries purchased AMT and produced firearms in their style until it was in turn purchased by High Standard, then known as the Crusader Gun Company, in 2001. High Standard now markets certain AMT weapons under their name.