Atelier Mécanique de Mulhouse, commonly known as AME, and formerly known as Centre d'Études et d'Armement de Mulhouse or CEAM, was a French firearms company.


The company opened in 1948 as Centre d'Études et d'Armement de Mulhouse, with two of their employees, Ludwig Vorgrimler and Theodor Löffler, making roller-delayed firearms chambered for the experimental 7.65×35mm cartridge (later changed to .30 Carbine after the 7.65×35mm cartridge was abandoned). The company produced the CEAM Modèle 1950, an assault rifle functionally identical to the StG 45(M) with some refinements. In 1952, CEAM changed their name to Atelier Mécanique de Mulhouse after gaining independence from MAC. In 1964, AME's small caliber department closed, and in 1967, the company closed down altogether.


  • Vorgrimler Model 1 - An assault rifle made by Ludwig Vorgrimler that was functionally identical to the StG 45(M).
  • CEAM Modèle 1950 - An assault rifle designed by both Theodor Löffler and Vorgrimler that served as the basis of the CETME rifle.