Aw-50 at sennybridge
Accuracy International AW-50
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Accuracy International


12.7x99mm NATO

Overall length

53.3 inches

Barrel length

27 inches


15 kilograms

Weight empty

13.5 kilograms

Cyclic rate

5 rounds/minute

The AI Arctic Warfare .50, more commonly known as the AW-50, is basically an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare scaled up to fire .50 BMG calibre ammunition. The AW-50 features an anti-recoil system and has an adjustable monopod at the rear as well as folding stock. To mount optics it has a MIL Standard 1913 rail machined into the action.

The AW-50 is the Arctic Warfare .50, a modification of the AS-50 with a larger trigger housing to fit gloved fingers, small stubble on the bolt to stop any ice from locking it up and a muzzle brake for reduced recoil and muzzle flash.

The AW-50F is the Australian version of the AW-50 with an Australian produced stock and barrel. It is made to take out radar installations, small light-vehicles and fortifications.

The AS-50 and AW-50 variants can use the MK211 RAUFOSS cartridge. It is the standard round for this rifle in Australia.