AGA-40 Md. 85
Country of origin



Cugir under ROMARM



Year(s) designed


Production began


Weapon type

Automatic grenade launcher


40×74.5 mm



Overall length

34.4 inches (87.5 centimeters)
57.1 inches (145 centimeters) with tripod

Barrel length

19.7 inches (50 centimeters)


94.8 pounds (44 kilograms)

Weight empty

72.8 pounds (33 kilograms)


11 inches (28 centimeters)
24.2 inches (61.5 centimeters) with tripod

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

10-round drum magazine

Cyclic rate

380 - 450 RPM

Effective range

1400 meters (4593.2 feet)

Maximum effective range

1550 meters (5085.3 feet)

Muzzle velocity

216 m/s (708.7 f/s)

The Aruncător de grenade automat 40 mm model 1985, commonly known as the AGA-40 and more correctly known as the AGA-40 Md. 85, is a Romanian automatic grenade launcher.


Very little information about the AGA-40 is available, but main dimensions and other aspects of the weapon's design are known. It is unclear whether the real weapon has actually entered production, as it has only been seen in media and publicity events; it is not known whether this weapon has even been adopted or used in the Romanian army (or any other army for that matter) or whether it has actually been produced outside of a prototype form.

Design DetailsEdit

The AGA-40 is recoil-operated, which is not a very common action for grenade launchers, as most automatic grenade launchers operate via API blowback or something similar. It is fed from the left side of the weapon via belt, which is stored in a drum magazine which is affixed to the left side. Similar to most automatic grenade launchers and mounted machine guns, the AGA-40 has two spade grips with a trigger in between them for the operator to use. The AGA-40 is mounted on a tripod, similar to most other automatic grenade launchers. The weapon has select-fire capabilities.



Some grenades used by the AGA-40.

The weapon uses a 40×74.5 mm grenade with three known variants; an inert training round, a shrapnel round with a lethal radius of 1 meter and an armor-piercing round that has a claimed penetration power of 50 millimeters (1.97 inches) of steel.

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