Country of origin





Otto Bock[1]

Year(s) designed


Year production began


Year production ended


Cartridge type


Overall length

83.6mm (3.29in)[2]

Case length

62.0mm (2.44in)[2]

Neck diameter

9.9mm (0.39in)[2]

Shoulder diameter

11.4mm (0.45in)[2]

Base diameter

12.1mm (0.48in)[2]

Rim diameter

11.9mm (0.47in)[2]

Rim thickness

1.3mm (0.05in)[2]

Rifling twist

350mm (1:14in)[2]

Muzzle velocity

720m/s (2,362ft/s) - 800m/s (2,625ft/s)[2]

Primer type

Large rifle

 The 9.3x62mm (marketed in the United States as the 9.3x62mm Mauser) is a cartridge developed in Germany by Otto Bock in 1905.[1] The 9.3x62mm is increasingly popular in the US, having been in use in Europe and Africa for a number of years.[1]


The 9.3x62mm was originally developed in Berlin by Otto Bock in 1905, as he intended to develop a hunting cartridge for the Model 1898 Mauser rifle.[2] Although those in Africa preferred to use military calibres (which were larger and more deadly than those for civillian use) governments banned people from purchasing military cartridges in overseas territories.[2] Bock's cartridge avoided this issue, as no military organisation adopted it, meaning that the peoples of Africa could purchase the 9.3x62mm cartridge for the purpose of hunting.[2]

Design DetailsEdit

The 9.3x62mm was built from the ground up, with Bock designing an entirely new cartridge.[2] The cartridge features 1.3mm rim and a large rifle primer, as well as a 9.3mm diameter bullet.[2] The weight of the bullet varies from 231gr (15.0g) to 293gr (19.0g), which are capable of different velocities depending on their manufacturer.[2]


The 9.3x62mm is designed to hunt large game and animals such as zebra and wildebeest, so its performance figures are close to those of the .375 H&H Magnum, the most popular hunting cartridge.[2]

Name Muzzle Velocity (FPS) Energy (ft/lbs)
231gr (15.0g) Oryx 2,625[2] 3,550[2]
250gr (16.2g) SP 2,559[2] 3,635[2]
285gr (18.5g) SP 2,362[2] 3,543[2]
293gr (19.0g) SP 2,428[2] 3,842[2]


Although the 9.3x62mm is considered to be a rimmed cartridge, the 9.3x74R is considered to be the rimmed version of the cartridge.[2] This was spawned from the 9.3x72R cartridge, which was a blackpowder version of the 9.3x62mm.[2]


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