.950 JDJ
Country of origin

United States of America


SSK Industries


J. D. Jones

Cartridge type


Parent cartridge

20x102mm Vulcan

Overall length

4 inches (10 centimeters)

Muzzle velocity

670 m/s (2200 feet per second)

The .950 JDJ (24.1×100mm) is an extremely powerful rifle cartridge.


The bullet is based on the 20x102mm Vulcan cartridge used in the M61 Vulcan chaingun. The .950 JDJ is most notably used in the McBros rifle.

Design DetailsEdit

Loaded cases are approximately the length of an empty .50 BMG case. The projectiles are custom made, and usually weight about 3600 grains (230 grams), about 8.2 ounces or over half a pound.


The bullet is fired at 670 m/s (2200 feet per second), and has a muzzle energy of 38,685 ft·lbf (52,450 J). When fired from a rifle without an efficient muzzle brake, it will deliver over 200 ft·lbf (270 J) of free recoil energy, enough to severely injure or break someone's shoulders.


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