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45 Schofield is a revolver cartridge developed by Smith and Wesson in 1875 for the top break Smith and Wesson Schofield revolver. It is similiar in appearence to the 45 Colt cartridge which the Colt Peacemaker used but it is slightly smaller and has a larger diameter. 45 Schofield can work in the Peacemaker but 45 Colt cannot work in the Schofield revolver. The US Army dropped the 45 Colt and purchased only the 45 Schofield as it could work in both the Shofield and Peacemaker revolver's, however lare stocks of 45 Colt still remained in Army arsenals and many troops were sent the wrong cartridge for their Schofield's. By 1880 the Schofield revolver was dropped by the Army and they stuck with the revolver that could fire both cartridges, the Colt Peacemaker.

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