The .338 Federal (8.61×51.18mm) is a full power rifle cartridge. It uses the .308 Winchester as a parent cartridge; the .308 case is necked up to accept .33 caliber bullets. It was created by the American company Federal Cartridge, in conjunction with the company Sako.


The .338 Federal began production in 2006.

Design detailsEdit

The .338 Federal, like almost all cartridges derived from the .308 Winchester, is a rimless cartridge, and uses a large rifle primer. The case is necked up to accept a .33 caliber (8.6mm) bullet. The overall length of the cartridge is 2.75 inches.

It fires optimally with a 1:10 rifling twist[1], and fires with a muzzle velocity between 2300 and 2940 feet per second, dependent upon bullet weight, barrel length, and powder load.[2]


The .338 Federal has bullets that range in weight from around 160 grains to 225 grains. Most bullets are JSP and TSX rounds, intended for hunting.


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